Maureen Dowd on Townhall

Brian Birdnow - Sat Apr 14

Maureen Dowd is a woman of many talents. She is, of course, a New York Times featured columnist, a Pulitzer Prize winning commentator, and the liberals acknowledged Queen of Snark. Ms. Dowd has also completely blown a gasket, if her column of last week (April 5th) is any indication of her psychological-emotional state. ... more

Mary Grabar - Mon Dec 12

It was right around the same time that Marc Lamont Hill (“Professor, Author, Speaker, Public Intellectual,” according to his website) claimed to Bill O’Reilly that conservatives and Republicans are incapable of “performing intellectuality” that I noticed the dissection of Newt Gingrich’s 1971 dissertation, first in the riposte by another public intellectual, Maureen Dowd. ... more

Guy Benson - Thu Oct 20

Bob Beauprez - Wed Sep 7

Writing about her under expectations for Obama's jobs speech this week, Dowd implies she is now among the vast majority of Americans who "may no longer have faith that he's a smarty-pants who can fix the economy." ... more

Ken Connor - Sun Jul 3

Elevating the rights of women in Muslim Countries is a cause that should galvanize Liberals and Conservatives, Christians, Jews, and American Muslims – indeed, anyone who is interested in equality and liberty and justice for all. The blessing of a free society is that our citizens are free to speak out on this issue even though our public officials can't find their voice. ... more

Douglas MacKinnon - Thu Nov 18

What is it about Palin that sends wealthy, pampered, and elitist women like Parker and Maureen Dowd over the edge? Could it be something as simple as guilt? ... more