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Welcome to the new progressivist union: marriage to the state. It’s an institution enabled by Big Government and for Big Government through federal incentives and services; where cohabitation and living alone comes with more financial perks than marriage, and a dependence on the state is an easier path than developing a real and lasting personal relationship. ... more

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The only two countries in the Middle East without minimum age requirements for marriage are considering laws establishing a minimum age to protect women. Girls as young as six years old have been forced into marriage in those countries, many enduring rape, physical trauma from intercourse and childbirth, and torture - several on record have died from their wounds or committed suicide. ... more

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Obamacare is just the latest liberal policy that undermines marriage. ... more

Nicole Bailey - Thu Oct 31

NYU Professor Katie Roiphe idealizes the Dutch feminist culture that considers marriage unimportant and entirely unrelated to childbearing. Having written a book on the subject, she fantasizes an America that does not care about low marriage rates, high divorce rates, and the prevalence of single mothers - where she believes women could better experience love and life. ... more

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