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Political Calculations - Sun Apr 28

It normally takes anywhere from two to four minutes for the market to respond to news it wasn't expecting, and the response in the automatic selloff reaction certainly fits within that typical window of time. That stands in contrast to how the noise event began however, as stock prices responded almost instantly to the false news report, which almost gives the impression that traders were expecting the news. ... more

Kyle Olson - Fri Apr 12

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry isn’t the only one cheering for collectivism in education. Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis thinks that idea is pretty swell, too. ... more

Jerry Bowyer - Tue Apr 9

The optimistic scenario for the economy is generally inconsistent with the weakening spate of recent economic statistics this week including ISM and jobs growth. ... more

Larry Kudlow - Mon Apr 8

Mrs. Thatcher famously said, “The trouble with socialists is that they always run out of other people’s money.” That dictum really stands the test of time, doesn’t it? Running out of other people’s money? Today? ... more

Daniel J. Mitchell - Mon Apr 1

So, the cronyists are “on edge” and feeling “anxiety.” Gee, just breaks my heart. ... more

Fritz Pfister - Fri Mar 29

All the great news about rising home prices creating a wealth effect is an overstatement, because consumer debt remains double that of 2001. ... more

Charles Payne - Mon Dec 3

I heard the word compromise a bunch right after the election just like I heard the word "pragmatic" a lot after the previous election. I wanted to believe it back then, and I don't see it right now. ... more

Larry Kudlow - Sun Nov 18

In an interview with Larry Kudlow, Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank says that there is a limit to what the Fed cam do to stimulate the economy is face of fiscal irresponsibity. ... more

David Sterman - Wed Oct 31

Even though emerging markets continue to grow at a faster pace than in the United States, this trend hasn't paid off for investors recently. ... more

Chris Poindexter - Tue Sep 4

If the silver/gold ratio drops below 50, it may be tempting to lock in some silver sales. Silver is a harder call on the sell side because of the wild volatility in prices. ... more

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