Mark Kirk on Townhall

Daniel Davis - Tue Aug 4

The Illinois Republican has supported abortion for his entire political career. ... more

Leah Barkoukis - Thu Jul 30

Its truly astonishing how anyone can watch the now four videos that have come out in recent weeks exposing Planned Parenthoods illegal sale of fetal body partsnot to mention todays game changer that they harvest the organs of babies born aliveand still put politics before doing whats right: ending taxpayer funding of the abortion giant. ... more

Matt Vespa - Wed May 6

Democrats worry that black voter turnout could drop with no African-American on the ballot ... more

Steve Chapman - Sun Jun 2

Michael Brown - Mon Apr 15

As leader after leader comes out in favor of the radical redefinition of marriage, it is becoming increasingly clear that what is driving most, if not all of them, is not biblical values, or the institution of marriage, or the long-term good of society. Instead, they are driven by polling, popularity, and a superficial pragmatism. This is what happens when you drink the same-sex “marriage” Kool-aid! ... more

Helen Whalen Cohen - Mon Jan 23