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"Adrift." ... more

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Classy. ... more

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Christine Rousselle - Tue Dec 31

Less than half of females can complete the requirement, compared to 99 percent of males. ... more

Sarah Jean Seman - Mon Nov 11

Today the nation applauded veterans for their service to and sacrifice for America ... more

Paul Greenberg - Wed Aug 7

Oliver North - Fri Mar 29

WASHINGTON -- On the eve of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the commanding general of the 1st Marine Division distributed a one-page "Message to All Hands." It was a succinct warning to those going into battle about what to expect from the enemy and his expectations for them. ... more

Todd Starnes - Tue Mar 19

An active-duty Marine who lost both his legs to an Improvised Explosive Device was humiliated by TSA agents after he was forced to remove his prosthetic legs and was then ordered to stand so agents could inspect his wheelchair for explosives. ... more