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"I hope you make better decisions in that presidency!" ... more

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My dream took form during a foggy morning drift on the edge of sleep. Planning the ratings coup of the decade, ESPN challenged President Obama to one final March Madness Bracket pick. ... more

Dan Holler - Mon Apr 1

It is absolutely maddening to watch the political left – liberals, progressives, whatever they call themselves nowadays – engage in hyperbole, mistruths and flip-flops with absolutely no political repercussions. ... more

Rich Galen - Mon Mar 26

The Hunger Games. The film did about $155 million in its opening weekend. I had never heard of it, or the trilogy of novels by Suzanne Collins of which the first formed the basis of this film. ... more

Michael Prell - Fri Mar 23

When Barack Obama picked his NCAA brackets, he should have done what he always does: champion the underdog, and demonize the “overdog.” ... more Staff - Tue Mar 13