London Riots on Townhall

Thomas Sowell - Thu Aug 18

The orgies of violent attacks against strangers on the streets -- in both England and the United States -- are not necessarily just passing episodes. They should be wake-up calls, warning of the continuing degeneration of Western society. ... more

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Aug 18

A once civil and orderly England was recently torn apart by rioting and looting -- at first by mostly minority youth, but eventually also by young Brits in general. This summer, a number of American cities witnessed so-called "flash mobs" -- mostly African-American youths who swarmed at prearranged times to loot stores or randomly attack those of other races and classes. ... more

Ann Coulter - Wed Aug 17

Like you, I've been horrified by the eruptions of mob violence around the globe this summer. But having spent the last two years researching and writing a book about mobs, I'm also grateful to the ruffians for taking to the streets so soon after my book was released. ... more

Baptist Press - Tue Aug 16

FIRST-PERSON: The root cause of the London riots ... more

Rachel Marsden - Tue Aug 16

The riots that have ravaged urban England take root in phenomena that aren't exclusive to that country but are increasingly on the rise everywhere. Could the same thing happen in America? Of course it could. And here's why. ... more

Phyllis Schlafly - Tue Aug 16

USA Today published one of its colorful front pages last week detailing how America has not only grown dramatically in population over the last two decades, but has radically changed ethnically, geographically and culturally. The most costly of the many changes is the fact that having children has become increasingly detached from marriage. ... more

Cal Thomas - Thu Aug 11

If civility, right and wrong, personal responsibility and accountability and the right to life, liberty and personal property are not values worthy of being passed on to the next generation, then their opposites will be taught by default. ... more