Lobbyists on Townhall

Ralph Benko - Sun Oct 9

The last thing the incumbents in Congress will do is to change the rules in a way that might level the playing field between themselves and challengers, leading to an almost 100% reelection rate even though Congress, as a body, suffers from a pathetic 11% approval rating. Therefore, Lessig is proposing to call an Article V convention to end run the Congress. So is Olafson in his effort to take away Congress’s credit cards. ... more

Michael Youssef - Sun Sep 25

For a person who loves people regardless of their chosen sin, I am flabbergasted - but not surprised - by this runaway train that leads us to the same fate of Sodom and Gomorrah. ... more

Paul Jacob - Sun Sep 11

Politicians are known for their gerrymandering. In California, they now gerrymander time. ... more

Lincoln Brown - Sat Sep 10

The Jobs Speech could have been finished up in 20 minutes if everyone would not have kept prairie dogging up to cheer every paragraph. Maybe if they just limited responses to doing The Wave. ... more