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What are students learning at Michigan State University? That Republicans are “dying white people.” ... more

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A liberal community organizing outfit in the great state of New-New-York (Colorado) was forced to delay their “gun-buy-back” program because of new laws mandating universal background checks. Their attempts were foiled by a law that mandates any “transfer of arms” must be accompanied by a background check. God, it turns out, has a tremendous sense of humor. ... more

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California, a state known for its beaches and love for all things liberal has taken a step back in representing one of those factors, and no the ocean hasn’t taken over the beaches (yet!!). ... more

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Given all the news, you would think that most people would understand that European policy makers would be trying to copy the United States, and not the other way around. ... more

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Imagine that: A government tax collection agency asked a bunch of citizens about their conversations with God. I guess we can chalk this up to the IRS’s complete disregard for Constitutional limitations, but does it strike anyone else as mildly anti-American? ... more

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If you’re a regular Townhall reader, you’re familiar with Mike Adams’ columns. If you’re any other Townhall columnist (and competitive like me), always seeing him scattered among the “Top 10” most-read most-commented columns makes you want to finally give in and do a column on Mike Adams with the hopes of cracking the top 10. ... more

Mike Adams - Mon Apr 22

Some say the third time is a charm. So I've tried to be a little more charming in my third book than I was in my first two. Make no mistake about it, though: I'm glad to have written two hard-hitting books on life in the academy. The first was needed to expose the intellectual shallowness of the campus diversity movement. Another book was needed to chronicle the absurdity of campus feminism. But my latest book is written from the heart. ... more

Linda Chavez - Fri Apr 5

Liberal education once stood for something grand and good: the study of the arts, humanities and sciences with the aim of improving the mind through the acquisition of knowledge and the pursuit of truth. But some of America's most elite colleges and universities have all but abandoned this goal. ... more