Liberal Hypocrisy on Townhall Staff - Fri Mar 9

Newsweek rhetorically asked America recently, “Why are Obama’s critics (read conservatives) so dumb?” We have to admit that we do fall short of our erudite betters on the Left in the field of expression. ... more

Emmett Tyrrell - Thu Mar 8

I like to think of Miss Sandra Fluke's contretemps with the madly admired Mr. Rush Limbaugh as, well, a fluke. She objected to his joke about her being "a slut" and "a prostitute," and <i>hesto presto</i> the part-time Georgetown University law student struck pay dirt. ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Wed Mar 7

Many Americans disdain Rush Limbaugh, some of them high-placed and influential. The author of Rush Limbaugh Is a Big, Fat Idiot is now a US senator from Minnesota. The incumbent president of the United States publicly picked a fight with the broadcaster less than a week after being inaugurated. "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh," Barack Obama admonished attendees at a White House summit in January 2009. ... more

Michelle Malkin - Wed Mar 7

I'm sorry Rush Limbaugh called 30-year-old Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a "slut." She's really just another professional femme-a-gogue helping to manufacture a false narrative about the GOP "war on women." ... more

John Hawkins - Tue Mar 6

Andrew Breitbart was a giant in his field who accomplished more than most men could in ten lifetimes in his all too short forty-three years and he has deserved every kind thing that has written about him since. But rather than being just one more person saying nice things about a great man, it seems more appropriate to pay respect to Breitbart by continuing his work. Breitbart loved nothing better than exposing the festering anger and hatred at the heart of modern liberalism. ... more

New York, NY - Tue Mar 6

When conservative Laura Ingraham was called a 'slut' by Ed Schultz, Barbara Walters 'laughed it off.' ... more

Thomas Sowell - Tue Feb 21

It is fascinating to see people accusing others of things that they themselves are doing, especially when their own sins are worse. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Jan 15

As hype around the general election ramps up, it looks like progressives again will do anything to hold on to power and advance their agenda. Events this week gave us a peek behind the curtain into the mind of the honest, “tolerant” class and exposed how they work. Let’s take a look. ... more

Mike Adams - Mon Dec 26

Dear PETA: I have a neighbor who is being extremely rough with his Golden Retriever. He kicks the dog with the side of his foot whenever she is in his way. The dog weighs about 80 pounds and is not likely to be seriously harmed by the kicking. However, the dog is pregnant. Is this animal abuse? Would you recommend reporting this to the police? ... more

Lurita Doan - Mon Dec 5

Well, well, well. Now the wheel has come full circle. With Democrats holding the White House and holding only a very slim majority in the Senate, they have become concerned about the Hatch Act's overly broad interpretation of "political" activity. ... more

America - Mon Dec 5

The ZoNation takes a look at the projection in MSNBC's inane new ad promos. ... more

Matt Barber - Tue Nov 22

While necessity is the mother of invention, sloth and envy beget mediocrity and upheaval – the twin siblings of secular-socialism. It is in this vein that a rebellious and increasingly violent spirit of incoherent anarchy continues to fester in urban centers across the nation. This is most evident in the form of the envy-driven "Occupy wherever" nonsense embraced by the "progressive" establishment. ... more

America - Mon Nov 21

Bill Randall, an African-American running for congress, is subject to a hate crime. And no one cared. So his campaign made this video. ... more

John C. Goodman - Sat Nov 19

When is the last time you heard a liberal describe himself as a "liberal"? It’s probably been a long time. These days, those on the left are more likely to call themselves "progressives." ... more

Washington D.C. - Fri Nov 18

"That's life and it happens." ... more

America - Fri Nov 11

Yes. The hypocrisy of calling for socialism even as as they create small businesses for themselves is indeed noted. ... more

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Nov 3

First lady Michelle Obama the other day railed at "the few at the top," who do all sorts of bad things. A few months ago, we began hearing of the "1 percent" who are responsible for the current economic mess. "They" apparently make all their money at the expense of the other 99 percent. Are they the same as last year's villains, who had not paid "their fair share" in making over $200,000 in annual income? ... more

Portland, Ohio - Tue Nov 1

Michael Moore calls that the rich give back, then refuses to respond when he's challenged to put his money where his mouth is. ... more

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown - Mon Oct 31

Twenty years ago this month Clarence Thomas was sworn in as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. The battle to confirm him was vicious, and Floyd had a front row seat. ... more

John C. Goodman - Sat Oct 29

Have you ever noticed that people on the left hold the public sector and the private sector to a different set of standards? If a public official and a private citizen commit the exact same wrongful act, the private citizen will be judged much more harshly. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Oct 9

This week the media discovered that the smell emanating from lower Manhattan was not a broken sewer line with a hint of patchouli and marijuana but was, in fact, body odor from a left-wing protest...with a hint of patchouli and marijuana. ... more

John C. Goodman - Sat Oct 1

Did you know that Paul Krugman is more compassionate than you are? Or so he says. ... more