Larry Summers on Townhall

Larry Kudlow - Sat Aug 24

Political Calculations - Tue Aug 6

Byron York - Tue Sep 27

You want a quick and easy introduction to media bias? Just look at the reception given to author Ron Suskind when he appeared on NBC's "Today" show recently to promote his new book, "Confidence Men," which is critical of President Obama -- and then compare it to the reception Suskind received in 2004 when he appeared on "Today" to tout another book, "The Price of Loyalty," which was critical of President George W. Bush. ... more

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Jul 28

"In other words, under Obama, the government during the last three years has borrowed on average about $4 billion each day. That staggering sum is far in excess of the $1.6 billion per day during the eight-year tenure of George W. Bush, who until Obama's presidency had borrowed more than any peacetime president." ... more

Lurita Doan - Mon Jun 13

This mass exodus of Team Obama’s economic advisors is a stunning vote of no confidence in the President’s economic policies. ... more

Phyllis Schlafly - Tue Feb 1

While the U.S. House is trying to figure out how to cut wasteful and/or extravagant federal spending, members should be mindful of Reagan's advice to begin by cutting programs that are harmful. ... more

Dennis Prager - Tue Feb 1

The most common left-wing objection to the right is that it wants to control others' lives. But, both in America and elsewhere, the threat to personal liberty has emanated far more from the left. ... more

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Jan 6

In classical Athens, public life became dominated by clever and smart-sounding sophists. These mellifluous "really wise guys" made money and gained influence by their rhetorical boasts to "prove" the most amazing "thinkery" that belied common sense. We are living in a new age of sophism. ... more

Rich Galen - Fri Dec 10

Nancy Pelosi's Democrat caucus in the House, while officially still in charge of the 111th Congress, have become the ugly kids in the back of the late bus as power brokers in Washington. ... more