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While the mainstream media's hagiography of John F. Kennedy continues on the 50th anniversary of his tragic death, it's important to remember his full legacy - not just the parts that the mainstream media likes to promote. ... more

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I’m a libertarian and the specific issue is about curtailing the foolish Drug War, it goes without saying that this is something that belongs on this blog. ... more

Daniel J. Mitchell - Fri Apr 19

Art Laffer has a guaranteed spot in the liberty hall of fame because he popularized the common-sense notion that you can’t make any assumptions about tax rates and tax revenue without also figuring out what happens to taxable income. Lot’s of people on the left try to denigrate the “Laffer Curve,” but it’s worth noting that even left-wing economists now admit that you don’t maximize revenue with a 100 percent tax rate. ... more

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There's already evidence that California's new top tax rate is about to give the state a painful lesson on the Laffer Curve. ... more

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Even leftists recognize there is a Laffer Curve. They all recognize that there’s a point where revenue-feedback effects are so strong that higher rates will lose revenue. ... more

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I’m slowly coming the conclusion that my friends on the left will never learn – in large part because they’re more interested in punishing success with class warfare tax policy than they are in collecting extra revenue for government. ... more

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UCLA professor Tim Groseclose explains the Laffer Curve, and why raising taxes can decrease revenue. ... more