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Following a deadly attack on Special Operations Forces in 2011, one young Virginia student took extraordinary action to honor the fallen and support their families. ... more

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From all of us! ... more

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The United States annually celebrates its historical economic achievements by taking a day off. This seems a bit counterintuitive— to celebrate work by not working. The practice, however, is very reflective of how the culture views their nine to five duty. ... more

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California lawmakers don’t simply like labor unions. They love them. So much, in fact, that they recently eliminated Labor History Week from the state law books and replaced it with Labor History Month, with the first scheduled for this May. ... more

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Dear Voice from 1952, It was wholly a pleasure and much more to get your letter recalling an incident in that other country known as the past. ... more

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Labor Day was originally set aside to reflect upon contributions the labor movement has made to keep our nation strong and prosperous. This year, however, Americans should focus on how far the labor movement has moved away from its roots. ... more

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There’s big news breaking simultaneously in the world of entertainment and in the not-so-different world of politics. Jerry Lewis is coming out of retirement. And he’s doing it just in time for the first annual Occupy Wall Street Labor Day Telethon. ... more