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Ken Blackwell - Fri Sep 27

Ken Blackwell - Sat May 5

Of course, the Iranians won’t stop. Why should they? Day by day, the storm clouds gather. Day by day, this administration and the pacifists of the European Union dither. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Sun Feb 19

Why bring up Rev. Wright now? It’s so 2008, they will say. But now is when it counts. ... more

Robert Knight - Tue Jul 19

Over the past 90 years, a relentless campaign has unfolded to overthrow Judeo-Christian morality and replace it with an amorality that says desires in and of themselves validate choices. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Wed Jul 13

It is clear that, as the debt ceiling issue reaches a stage of urgency, the positions staked out by Republicans and Democrats are on different planets. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Thu Feb 10

Bill Bennett engaged in a fine discussion of strategy on his radio talk show recently. Marc Thiessen, a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, came on Bill’s Morning in America show to directly contradict the host. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Sun Jan 16

Why is Paris known as the City of Lights ? Is it because the U.S. Congress banned Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulbs, so he had to take his invention offshore? ... more

Terry Jeffrey - Wed Nov 26

After Ken Blackwell graduated from college, he did a short stint with the Dallas Cowboys, but soon decided playing professional football was not his destiny. ... more