katie pavlich Photos on Townhall

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    Posted: 8/30/2012 2:19:15 PM EST
    We even paparazzi'd ourselves. Awkward. Here's Townhall's Katie Pavlich (who you might recognize from her appearances on Hannity, The O'Reilly Factor, America Live with Megyn Kelly, etc.) interviewing U.S. Rep. Allen West of Florida.
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    Posted: 6/18/2012 3:21:48 PM EST
    Sean Hannity chats on-set with Guy Benson, who interviewed Hannity for the Townhall Magazine profile, while Townhall coworker Katie Pavlich looks on. Pavlich was a guest on Hannity's primetime show that evening. (Photo credit: Caroline Frost Shea/Frost Photography)
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    Posted: 4/14/2012 12:33:06 AM EST
    Townhalll's Katie Pavlich stands next to her groundbreaking new book on Fast and Furious at the NRA's book signing area.