Katie Couric on Townhall

Cortney O'Brien - Wed Nov 11

Couric can expect a Thank You card in the mail. ... more

Brent Bozell - Fri Aug 7

New York, New York - Mon Oct 22

"In the spirit of Sesame Street, the president's remarks tonight are brought to you by the letter 'O' and the number '16 trillion.'" ... more

Washington, DC - Mon Oct 1

At the Media Research Center's 25th Anniversary Gala, Brent Bozell plays interview clips for the audience, asking them to vote for the worst liberally biased journalist in history. ... more

Washington, DC - Fri Sep 28

Starting at about 1:48 mark, you can see why the former CBS News anchor was given the "dishonor, which was presented at the Media Research Center's 25th Anniversary Gala in Washington, DC on Thursday. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu May 24

Katie Pavlich - Wed Sep 7

Michael Medved - Wed Jul 13

Sarah Palin doesn’t deserve the ridicule she receives from the mainstream media, nor does she merit the adulation she inspires from her legions of fans. The over-reaction on each side feeds the super-heated response on the other. ... more

Brent Bozell - Wed Jun 15

When the folks at CBS shooed Katie Couric out the door, one could almost hear the harrumph with which Scott Pelley was reinstalling the Old Regime of Ed Murrow. ... more

Brent Bozell - Wed May 18

As much as CNN likes to tell the public and advertisers that it's squarely in the sensible center between the partisan attacks of MSNBC and Fox News, the reality says otherwise. ... more

Guy Benson - Tue Apr 26

Brent Bozell - Wed Apr 6

The news leaked out Monday that Katie Couric is stepping down from her failed experiment as the anchor of the "CBS Evening News." ... more

Brent Bozell - Wed Mar 9

On March 2, two U.S. airmen were gunned down at an airport Germany. Two other Americans were wounded. The assailant was a radical Muslim. This was a huge story to most Americans, but, naturally, not to our news media. ... more

Ben Shapiro - Wed Mar 2

During the 2008 campaign, Hillary Clinton suggested that if the emergency phone rang at 3 a.m. in the White House, you wouldn't want President Obama picking it up. ... more

Michelle Malkin - Fri Feb 25

Barack Obama's new era of civility was over before it began. You wouldn't know it from reading The New York Times, watching Katie Couric or listening to the Democratic manners police. ... more

Dan Gainor - Sat Feb 19

Broadcast networks mention Obamas incompetence just nine times in two years. ... more

Rachel Marsden - Mon Feb 7

Actor Charlie Sheen has been all over the news this week in the wake of yet another porn "star" and cocaine bender. ... more

Brent Bozell - Fri Feb 4

It seems rather ironic that Hollywood doesn't want to make movies about Ronald Reagan. Perhaps it's because virtually no one in the industry can stand his belief system. ... more

Brent Bozell - Wed Jan 5

Our national media elite reviewed 2010 with great sorrow for how America has besmirched itself in the eyes of the world with its "seething hatred" of Muslims. ... more

Brent Bozell - Wed Dec 15

When ABC's Barbara Walters deems Sarah Palin one of the year's "Most Fascinating People," it's a backhanded compliment. ... more

Kathryn Lopez - Sat Dec 4

It took a man to break the porcelain ceiling in the U.S. House of Representatives. ... more