Karl Rove on Townhall

David Harsanyi - Thu Feb 7

Suspicions about establishment Republicans are well-founded, but Rove has a point, as well. Purely as a tactical matter, why not weed out inept -- or insane -- candidates before they start spouting off about a woman's organic ability to prevent pregnancy when raped? ... more

Tony Katz - Wed Feb 6

When Karl Rove, the de facto Capo of the Republican establishment intelligentsia, took aim at the grassroots activists (the Tea Party), offering them up like Issac for sacrifice to the mainstream media and independent voters, he surely doesn't expect them to prostrate themselves at the Altar of Rove. ... more

Ben Shapiro - Wed Feb 6

During the 2012 election cycle, Tea Partiers were told by their supposed betters that their ignorance of everyday politics meant that they should take a back seat to the Republican Party establishment. ... more

Brent Bozell - Wed Feb 6

If I were launching a new conservative venture, the last venue I'd choose for the announcement would be the New York Times. Karl Rove has gone to the Times to announce that he has created a new "conservative" entity "to recruit seasoned candidates and protect Senate incumbents from challenges by far-right conservatives and Tea Party enthusiasts." ... more

Terry Jeffrey - Wed Feb 6

Karl Rove -- "The Architect," as President George W. Bush called him -- crafted Bush's two presidential campaigns and served as a key player in Bush's White House. ... more

Brandon Gaylord - Tue Jan 15

Despite conservative talkers urging Karl Rove to exit stage left, Republicans desperately need Rove. ... more

America - Tue Nov 27

"The GOP is already making plans for the 2016 campaign.However, Karl Rove believes Romney can still win the 2012 election." ... more

Maggie Gallagher - Thu Nov 15

<p>And so it begins, like clockwork.</p><p>After an election defeat of significant proportions for the &#34;truce strategy,&#34; GOP elites appear prepared to double-down on kicking out the social issues. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Thu Nov 15

A great political party with a long history can survive defeat, even learn from it and grow stronger. But a party that does not learn from its defeats, that appears unable to adapt and grow, cannot remain great. It will join the extensive collection of long-ago American parties, like the Federalists and Whigs and many another, as just another artifact of American history. ... more

Ralph Benko - Wed Nov 14

Liberals do not grasp the distinction between Ronald Reagan and (either) George Bush. This blind spot creates a massive confusion and hazard to their ambitions. Obama defeated neither the Reagan Narrative nor Team Reagan. Team Bush appropriated, and then marginalized, both. Obama beat Team Bush, not Team Reagan. The implications are huge. ... more

Crystal Wright - Fri Nov 9

Wednesday wasn’t “good morning” in the GOP. President Obama won a second term. Republicans deserve the shellacking we got because the party of Lincoln is running candidates in 2012 like it’s 1860. Old white men just don’t cut it anymore and are not reflective of the changing demographics of the country. America is browning up not whitening up, as evidenced by the US Census findings that minorities will make up 54% of the population by the year 2050. ... more

Guy Benson - Thu Nov 1

New York, NY - Thu Sep 27

Karl Rove tells us whether or not we should trust the polls. ... more

Kevin Glass - Sat Sep 15

Steve Deace - Sat Sep 15

Contrary to what you’ve heard from the liberal media and the Republican Party establishment, which are becoming virtually indistinguishable these days if you ask me, the Todd Akin saga isn’t about his much-maligned mangled comments. ... more

New York, NY - Fri Sep 7

Rove looks at the unemployment numbers and analyzes Obama's speech. ... more

America - Wed Aug 8

Karl Rove says the pick could come as early as this Friday, but that next week seems more likely. ... more

New York - Thu Jul 19

Bill O'Reilly, Karl Rove, and Charles Krauthammer weigh in. ... more

Washington, DC - Mon May 7

Karl Rove explains how Mitt Romney can win. ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Fri Apr 27

Jonah Goldberg - Wed Feb 22

"If we could just take a little bit from each of them." I've lost track of how many people I have heard say some version of this in the last couple of months. The "each of them" refers to the final four combatants for the Republican nomination. ... more

New York - Tue Feb 7

Bill O'Reilly says Clint Eastwood "caught in the political wars" after Chrysler Super Bowl ad. Analysts discuss the issue. ... more

Crystal Wright - Mon Jan 23

A little over a week ago, Karl Rove advised Republicans to wrap their support around Mitt Romney because it was pretty much a done deal Romney would grab the GOP presidential nomination. “In an open race for the GOP nomination, no Republican has won both Iowa and New Hampshire, as Mitt Romney has,” wrote Rove. He went on to say South Carolina would be the last dance/chance for several candidates like Newt Gingrich. ... more