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Matt Vespa - Tue Oct 27

It appears to have the votes. ... more

Chris Edwards - Mon Oct 14

Julie Borowski - Wed Dec 12

In a controversial move that is already backfiring, last week Speaker John Boehner removed three fiscal hawks from key committees for not voting in lockstep with House leadership. In other words, House members are being punished for wanting to cut government spending and keep the promises they made to their constituents. ... more

Rachel Alexander - Sat Dec 8

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) may have finally gone too far betraying conservatives. This past week, he removed three conservative Republican Congressmen from their committee positions in retaliation for not voting for his compromises on the budget with Democrats – compromises that led us to the current “fiscal cliff.” ... more

Washington DC - Fri Jul 8

The freshman congressman is among the strongest opponents of the War on Libya. ... more