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I’m sorry. I got that header wrong. It was a black mob that ransacked convenience stores and hammered a group of white people in Milwaukee this past July 4th weekend. Dang it. I ain’t ever gonna make it in this business. I’m such an idiot. ... more

Robert Knight - Thu Jul 7

During this past July 4th weekend, Americans rightly celebrated American Exceptionalism and our hard-won freedom from European dominance. ... more

Lurita Doan - Mon Jul 4

As you celebrate the 4th, it might be appropriate to contrast the straightforward language of our founders with the weasel words now emerging from Washington, and all too frequently, from President Obama, who prefers euphemism-laden, convoluted, pixilated flummery. ... more

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Tell Little Miss Scaredy Pants and the rest of your neighbors that you are hosting a can't-miss Fourth of July celebration tonight featuring a "live" performance by pop star Katy Perry in your backyard. ... more

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