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Jeff Jacoby - Thu Jul 2

Daniel Davis - Thu Jun 25

Chief Justice John Roberts saved Obamacare for a second time today, fueling conservative skepticism about his commitment to straightforward and originalist jurisprudence. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Sat Apr 26

Leah Barkoukis - Mon Aug 26

Despite her age and two run-ins with cancer, Justice Ginsberg recently told The New York Times that she has no plans to retire any time soon. Ginsburg said she’s going to stay “as long as [she] can do the job full steam.” ... more

Tony Perkins - Tue Feb 26

Bullying knows no boundaries. It’s not just boys on the playground or people at work; it can even be organizations on the national stage as was revealed in a federal court room on February 6th. ... more

Alan Sears - Wed Dec 19

In October 2010, the Alliance Defending Freedom was privileged to recognize Judge Robert H. Bork with the “Edwin Meese III Award for Originalism and Religious Liberty.” At that time, we described him as, “one of the greatest legal minds in American history, and a person who has made an indelible impact on our nation, on its legal culture, and on the minds and hearts of many of its finest judges, law professors, students, and attorneys.” ... more

Brian Darling - Mon Sep 17

Happy birthday, Constitution! Today marks the 225th anniversary of the signing of this unique and prescient document. Every American should take a moment to reflect on what a treasure we have in America. ... more

Peter Ferrara - Sun May 27

President Obama's most blatant first term abuses can be struck down by the check on Presidential power by an independent judiciary. ... more

Jordan Lorence - Tue May 8

The main reason the people of North Carolina should vote yes for the proposed marriage amendment in that state has everything to do with preventing improper state court activism and nothing to do with unmarried couples, their benefits, or allowing domestic violence to go unpunished. ... more

Cathy Ruse - Mon Apr 30

It’s frustrating to watch high-ranking Liberals get something so fundamental, so wrong. ... more

Ken Connor - Wed Apr 11

Last week, President Obama made news when he suggested that it would be "unprecedented" for the Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional a law passed by a "strong majority of a democratically elected Congress." ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Thu Apr 5

Benjamin Bull - Tue Apr 3

A gut-wrenching example of the lengths to which men will go to silence the voices of conscience recently played out in an Ontario Court of Justice. There, Judge S. Ford Clements sentenced pro-life advocate Mary Wagner to 92 more days in jail, on top of the 88 days she’d already spent behind bars, all because she has been walking into the waiting rooms in Canadian abortion clinics and sharing hope with the women who are waiting to have their babies killed. ... more

Washington, DC - Tue Apr 3

The President suggests that if the Supreme Court strikes down the law, it's judicial activism. ... more

Kate Hicks - Thu Mar 29

After a three-day marathon of oral arguments, during which the Supreme Court considered various facets of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, final impressions everywhere are mixed. ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Wed Mar 28

Peter Ferrara - Fri Nov 18

The genius of America's Founding Fathers is reflected in the innovative system of checks and balances they adopted for our government, to prevent abuse of power by any authority. ... more

Tony Katz - Wed Nov 16

The American Left has been railing about Justice Clarence Thomas. His wife, Ginni Thomas, is a Tea Party supporter, and the CEO of LibertyCentral.org - a 501(c)(4) that focuses on the value of liberty with "insistence on limited government." ... more

David Malcolm - Thu Nov 3

It is a revealing, and perhaps sad, commentary on the state of the GOP nomination process that so little - if any - discussion has been spent on the proper role of the federal government's most powerful branch, the scope of its powers, and the identity of its future members. ... more