Joke on Townhall

Ralph Benko - Thu Oct 20

Some Republicans are panicking at the idea the defense budget might be cut even a little — as if that somehow will destroy the Republic. Malarkey. Examples of profligacy abound. The House is just now trying to get up the nerve to forbid the Treasury Secretary from getting around on military jets — at the cost of $150,000 per flight, a practice begun under Tim Geithner’s Republican predecessor. ... more

Mark Baisley - Sun Oct 16

I tuned into the local “progressive talk” radio station today and they were actually talking about abandoning Barack Obama; not voting for him in 2012. That discussion was more melodic to me. ... more

Crystal Wright - Mon Oct 10

Why wouldn’t Herman Cain be for real? Cain is really running for the presidency of the United States as a Republican. In a hypothetical match up against Obama, Cain really comes in a dead heat against Obama. ... more