Joke on Townhall

Tim Phillips - Fri Apr 12

When President Obama declared April to be “National Financial Capability Month” and described plans for his administration to teach young people “how to budget responsibly,” it was easy to mistake the announcement for a Stephen-Colbert-style April Fools’ prank. ... more

Emmett Tyrrell - Thu Feb 21

I am indebted to Amity Shlaes for gently correcting a joke of mine that dates back to July 8, 1972. On that date in the New York Times, I joshed that President Calvin Coolidge "probably spent more time napping than any president in the nation's history" and therefore was a successful president. ... more

Marybeth Hicks - Thu Oct 11

The mission statement of Philadelphia's Charles Carroll High School, displayed prominently on its website, offers a hopeful vision of an educational institution: “Providing all students with the academic, technological & social skills needed to be productive & contributing citizens in our society.” ... more

Orlando, FL - Mon Sep 10

Obama jokes with a kid who was born in Hawaii. ... more

Michael Prell - Fri Apr 27

Here are some jokes that will not be delivered at the annual liberal love-fest known as the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, being held this Saturday in Washington DC... ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Apr 15

Yes, this is about race and racism. But no, it’s not about the Trayvon Martin case and how the media is pimping it. ... more