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Earlier this week Project Veritas, led by James O'Keefe, released an undercover video showing Obamacare navigators in Texas [who are paid through a taxpayer funded grant to the Urban League] encouraging people to defraud the government and lie about their income on application forms. ... more

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Each office can have different priorities during a government shutdown. Democratic leadership have largely abandoned their constituents. ... more

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Holder’s testimony surrounding Operation Fast and Furious on Capitol Hill can be summed up this way: I knew nothing about this, none of my senior officials authorized this, it was a local project and we need more gun control. ... more

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It is painfully clear that Obama has no plan and no set of comprehensive growth proposals to pull this economy out of its nosedive. Only more government spending on construction projects, or more green subsidies for renewable energy sources like wind power that have yet to prove they can be economically viable. ... more

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I have my doubts about the deputy commanding general of Ft. Hood. Despite overwhelming evidence that Hasan committed an act of jihad, DiSalvo -- like the Army, like the U.S. government -- looks the other way. ... more

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