Joe Walsh on Townhall

America - Sun Sep 9

Rep. Walsh tells a crowd what's wrong with the 'Sandra Flukes' of the world. ... more

Caroline Glick - Sun May 20

Two weeks ago, US Congressman Joe Walsh published an op-ed in the The Washington Times in which he called for the US and Israel to abandon the two-state solution. ... more

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Chris Matthews gets embarrassed by freshman Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL). ... more

New York, NY - Thu Jul 14

"In three short years you've bankrupted this country and destroyed job creation." ... more

Joe Walsh - Tue May 17

From my position as a Member of Congress...the message from our hearings, job forums, and constituent letters is loud and clear: overreaching regulations are preventing entrepreneurs from fueling economic growth and creating much-needed jobs. ... more

Humberto Fontova - Thu Jan 27

Following in the footsteps of (among many other flower-children) Stephen Stills, Bonnie Raitt, Chrissie Hynde, Jimmy Buffet, and Carole King (who in 2002 serenaded Fidel Castro with a personal “You’ve Got a Friend”) guitar legend Jimmy Page made the pilgrimage to Fidel Castro’s fiefdom this week. ... more