Joe Biden on Townhall

Heather Ginsberg - Thu Oct 10

Wow, that Democratic Party sure is looking strong. ... more

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While Obama claims victory for ending the war in Afghanistan, he fails to acknowledge the toll his presidency has taken on the lives of U.S. troops. ... more

Heather Ginsberg - Thu Oct 3

Vice President Joe Biden’s office announced today that the veep will not be attending the Human Rights Campaign annual dinner. The event which is being held on Saturday evening will no longer have its keynote speaker. ... more

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She’s never even worked as a judge... ... more

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Ransom Notes Radio - Fri Jun 14

The President of R Street, a conservative think tank in DC, joined the program to talk about Ronald Reagan’s environmentalism. (It is possible a few liberal heads just exploded after reading that sentence.) John also presented this week’s Powerful or Pitiful award to a very deserving candidate. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu Apr 25

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We learn today that he's been charging the taxpayers rent for the accommodations used by the Secret Service as they provide security for him on his Delaware property. ... more

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