Jim Moran on Townhall

Michelle Malkin - Fri Feb 3

Congressman Jim Moran is an old white Democrat from Virginia who thinks he can judge whether we minority conservatives are acting sufficiently non-white enough. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Wed Feb 2

Things would be a lot more civil if Congressman Moran didn’t accuse Republicans and conservatives of trying to re-fight the Civil War! ... more

Janet M. LaRue - Fri Dec 17

The Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives has voted 212-206 to ban the Obama administration from spending any funds to try terrorism suspects in civilian court instead of military commissions. Attorney General Eric Holder is reportedly all miffed and vexed. ... more

Jillian Bandes - Wed Aug 26

The town hall held by Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) on Tuesday night was a fun house. Rampant interruptions and forceful questioning plagued the Congressman at every turn. ... more