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Phyllis Schlafly - Tue Feb 12

Karl Rove has declared war on grassroots conservatives and Tea Parties. Rove, who had the richest super PAC in 2012 (American Crossroads, which reportedly spent $300 million in the 2012 election cycle), has started a new fund called Conservative Victory Project to spend big bucks in the 2014 Republican primaries to defeat Republican candidates not approved by the Establishment. ... more

Washington, D.C. - Mon Jan 28

Without fail, the 40th anniversary March for Life brought large crowds to the National Mall today in the hope of securing the right to life for all. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Mon Dec 17

Mark Davis - Fri Dec 7

Just before announcing his departure from the United States Senate, Jim DeMint gave me one last reason to praise him in that job. ... more

Karen Floyd - Fri Dec 7

Senator Jim DeMint’s announcement early this morning that he will leave the Senate to head the Heritage Foundation left many loyal activists feeling a profound loss. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu Dec 6

Dan Holler - Mon Mar 12

Washington logic will be on full display in the United States Senate this week. Senators – ranging from the most liberal to the most conservative (by some measures anyway) – will hem and haw about how outrageous federal subsidies are for a certain industry, and then they will turn around and vote for subsidies for a different industry. ... more

Armstrong Williams - Fri Jan 20

Boy, is it ever hot in South Carolina these days. Last night’s debate started with fireworks, and the rockets’ red glare are guaranteed to continue through the weekend. This is the stuff of primary lore; one that will be remembered for decades. It’s just a bit sad, however, that it’s less a clash of titanic issues and more one of titanic (and flawed) egos. ... more

Mary Crookston - Fri Jan 13

Senator Jim DeMint’s timely new book, “Now or Never: Saving America from Economic Collapse” is a detailed game plan for regaining economic stability. The ‘now’ is imminent: the 2012 elections. ... more