Jeb Bush on Townhall

Byron York - Mon Dec 3

Now, after decisive presidential defeats in 2008 and 2012, there is another Bush to consider as party insiders buzz about the possibility of a Jeb Bush candidacy. ... more

Donald Lambro - Fri Nov 23

Although Barack Obama won a second term and Democrats gained some seats in Congress, the Republicans remain a considerable force to be reckoned with in the 2013-14 election cycle and beyond. Lost in the news media's ecstasy over Obama's victory in the midst of a terribly weak, job-starved economy is the political reality behind his narrow popular vote margin, the GOP's still muscular House majority and its rising strength among the nation's governorships. ... more

Florida - Thu Nov 1

"And, of course, it's always my brother's fault." ... more

Tampa, FL - Fri Aug 31

Jeb Bush gave an education speech in Tampa. ... more

Steve Chapman - Sun Mar 25

With the Republican presidential nomination almost in his grasp, Mitt Romney rolled out a notable endorsement last week, from a former governor of Florida. ... more

Salena Zito - Thu Mar 22

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says Republican front-runner Mitt Romney has earned the right to take on President Obama in November. ... more

Matt Towery - Thu Mar 8

After the not so "Super" Tuesday results, pundits and experts predicted a much longer march to the Republican National Convention to be held in Tampa, Fla. Many experts believe Mitt Romney will ultimately gain the required delegates to win the nomination prior to the convention. ... more

America - Mon Jan 30

From demographics to the budget, former FL Governor Jeb Bush weighs in on this Tuesday's primary. ... more

New York - Mon Jul 25

Jeb Bush said "never say never," when asked if he would run for office of President, on the Sean Hannity show. ... more

Star Parker - Mon May 16

Criminal charges against one single black mother and conviction of another for sending their children to schools in districts in which they are not residents provide yet more indications of deep seated problems festering in our country. ... more

Guy Benson - Mon Mar 14

2012's political topography heavily favors Republicans, who appear well positioned to secure at least a bare majority next year if they competently manage their strong hand. ... more

Kathryn Lopez - Sat Feb 5

When Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana decided to announce recently that he isn't going to run for the Republican nomination for president -- and instead is likely to run for governor of his state -- you would have thought, from the reaction in some quarters, that he had committed the ultimate act of betrayal. ... more