Janeane Garofalo on Townhall

Derek Hunter - Sun Oct 9

This week the media discovered that the smell emanating from lower Manhattan was not a broken sewer line with a hint of patchouli and marijuana but was, in fact, body odor from a left-wing protest...with a hint of patchouli and marijuana. ... more

America - Thu Sep 29

Proof that no matter what conservatives do, they'll always be called racists. ... more

AP News - Wed Sep 28

Katie Kieffer - Mon Sep 5

Let’s all agree to take a month off from using the word “unelectable.” I promise it won’t be nearly as hard as refraining from using your iPhone for a day. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Sep 4

It’s Labor Day weekend, so I’ve decided to unionize myself for 3 days and go on strike, just to see what it’s like. By “strike” I mean drink alcohol and sleep in everyday. ... more

Cal Thomas - Tue Jun 21

If lying is sufficient reason to expel a member (like Anthony Weiner), then the halls of Congress may soon be vacant of all but the janitorial crew who empty the trash and mop the floors at night. ... more

Burt Prelutsky - Fri May 8

I’m not of the opinion that a person has to be perfect in order to point out the failings of others, but liberals take it to such an extreme that you have to wonder if they have any self-awareness at all. ... more