James Carville on Townhall

Katie Pavlich - Fri Nov 22

James Carville ?threw in the towel on defending the Obamacare rollout last night on Fox Business, calling the disaster a "joke" and a "self-inflicted wound." ... more

Daniel Doherty - Mon Nov 11

That’s Democratic political consultant James Carville opining on the political benefits of smoking crack cocaine, or something -- this morning on MSNBC. ... more

Bill Murchison - Tue Nov 20

"Barack Obama won because he recognized a new America." Or maybe an America more fluid, more insubstantial than post-election wisdom is ready to grant. You can't always tell about "new" -- a truth the human race rarely acknowledges. ... more

Maggie Gallagher - Thu Nov 15

<p>And so it begins, like clockwork.</p><p>After an election defeat of significant proportions for the &#34;truce strategy,&#34; GOP elites appear prepared to double-down on kicking out the social issues. ... more

Emmett Tyrrell - Thu Nov 8

Jimmy Carter is redeemed! The grinning dunce of yesteryear, who grew into the anile doddering figure of today, lecturing the civilized on all manner of statecraft, has been replaced by the saturnine gaunt prophet, Barack Obama. His sorry performance these past four years he lays to the administration of George W. Bush. The next four years will be a replay of the last four years, and an even graver crisis will confront us then with the domestic economy in a funk and foreign potentates all laughing at us. ... more