Jack Lew on Townhall

Leah Barkoukis - Wed Mar 18

Earlier this month White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said President Obama was very interested in the possibility of raising taxes through executive fiata move GOP lawmakers warn would be a grave mistake. ... more

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In a statement from the White House this morning, the U.S. will be providing a $1 billion loan to Ukraine. ... more

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With the end of the government shutdown, we also saw a hike in the debt ceiling. ... more

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The federal government will hit the debt ceiling Thursday and the United States’ authority to borrow money will be capped, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew cautioned last week. ... more

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President Obama will never default on US debt. Instead, he will delay Social Security and Medicare payments and blame Republicans for the resulting chaos. ... more

Charles Payne - Sat Oct 5

Marita Noon - Sun Feb 24

Here is just a sampling of the Citigroup swamp from which Treasury Secretary nominee Jack Lew comes. ... more

Daniel J. Mitchell - Sat Feb 16

In a sensible world, Lew would say what everyone in the financial world already understands, which is that the Cayman Islands are an excellent, fully legal, tax-neutral platform for investment funds. ... more

Washington, D.C. - Thu Feb 14

Treasury Secretary nominee Jack Lew had to explain his investments in the Cayman Islands during his confirmation hearing today when he was confronted with President Obama's previous statements calling investments in the Cayman Islands a "tax scam." ... more

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Our soon-to-be Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, has a fascinating resume. ... more

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Obama has nominated another one of these hypocrites to be Secretary of the Treasury, and this is generating a bit of controversy. Here’s some of what the Washington Post has reported ... more

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Last week, Politico profiled freshman Congressman Tom Cotton (R-AK) to give their readers a sneak peak at “the ‘hell no’ caucus.” According to the reporters, the Iraq and Afghanistan veteran who holds a pair of Harvard degrees is “neither a hick, nor a blowhard.” However, they said, “To much of the country, Cotton is nothing more than a straight, Southern, white, male, ‘radical’ conservative — a befuddling relic of a fading slice of politics.” ... more

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Hey, folks, remember the good old days when candidate Barack Obama at least pretended to be bipartisan and conciliatory? Now it's as if he's on a mission to prove he was faking it. ... more

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WASHINGTON - President Obama's decision to name Jacob Lew, his chief of staff and former budget director, to be his Treasury secretary sent a depressing signal that the economy and jobs won't be his highest priority in a second term. ... more