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Jack Bouroudjian - Tue Oct 11

With the situation in Europe in check for the moment (emphasis on the for the moment), I’m starting to turn my focus toward some CPI and PPI numbers later this week. Not here in the States, but in China, where they’ve been tightening for a while now out of inflationary concerns. If those numbers come out tame—which is the expectation—that could be an indication that China is ready to start ramping up production and begin growing again. That’s good news for the entire world. ... more

Jack Bouroudjian - Mon Oct 10

This president’s dangerous lack of fiscal responsibility and the anti-business, anti-job-creation, anti-growth policies he continues to insist upon have not only crippled Americans, ... more

Jack Bouroudjian - Wed Oct 5

I had the great honor to speak with former Vice President Dick Cheney about his life in politics, which also happens to be the subject of his new book, “In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir.” ... more

Jack Bouroudjian - Tue Oct 4

That’s right: without the help of legislators and the Obama administration, there simply isn’t much more the Fed can do. Fisher added that growth for the rest of the year would likely be “positive but anemic,” but added the caveat that “we could slip.” ... more