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Sarah Jean Seman - Wed Jan 14

Before sunrise in Paris, the 3 million issues of latest Charlie Hebdo issue were gone. The cover featured an image of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, holding a sign Je Suis Charlie. The image and text (I am Charlie) showcased the international community that formed after eight staff members were murdered last week by Muslims. ... more

Ben Shapiro - Wed Jan 14

Austin Bay - Wed Jan 14

Rachel Marsden - Tue Jan 13

Cal Thomas - Tue Jan 13

Dennis Prager - Tue Jan 13 Staff - Mon Jan 12

Flemming Rose, editor at a Danish newspaper which published 12 cartoons of Mohammad in 2005, discusses the importance of not giving into fear. ... more

Kurt Schlichter - Mon Jan 12

Matt Barber - Mon Jan 12

Daniel Pipes - Sun Jan 11

Derek Hunter - Sun Jan 11

Mark Nuckols - Sat Jan 10

Paul Greenberg - Fri Jan 9

France and all Europe sounded aghast, or at least its press did. As if this latest sneak attack by an all too familiar enemy, this time against a satirical French weekly (again), should have come as a shock. ... more

Jack Kerwick - Fri Jan 9

Erick Erickson - Fri Jan 9

Pat Buchanan - Fri Jan 9

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