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Nicole Bailey - Mon Oct 14

A lot of world leaders have scolded the US for putting the global economy at risk amid the fiscal crisis and looming debt ceiling deadline. Here are some of the things they said. ... more

Daniel J. Mitchell - Mon Mar 25

The IMF was created for the purpose of helping the manage the system of fixed exchange rates that was imposed after World War II. That system no longer exists, yet the IMF is still plaguing us. ... more

Daniel J. Mitchell - Fri Nov 2

The IMF has a new study about the relationship between economic growth and different types of taxes. ... more

Rachel Marsden - Tue Nov 8

The slogan for last week's G-20 meeting here in France was "New World, New Ideas." It should have been "Same World, Bad Ideas." High drama played out in front of the world press as members of the G-20 family squabbled with each other in various displays of political showmanship. Here's a rundown of what really happened at this dysfunctional family reunion: ... more