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Walter E. Williams - Wed Jul 17

Ed Feulner - Fri Sep 23

As I write this column, my plane is taking off from Taiwan's Taoyuan Airport to bring me back home. It was a special visit to Taiwan -- one that helped put so many earlier visits into a larger perspective. ... more

Rachel Alexander - Mon Sep 5

Somalia is in the midst of a famine, suffering from the worst drought in 60 years. The al-Qaeda affiliate al-Shabab has destroyed the country. ... more

Joel Mowbray - Tue May 31

It has been two weeks since Arabs marched on Israel's borders on four sides, yet that media spectacle remains a potent metaphor for the mounting threats facing the tiny Jewish state, from Hezbollah taking over Lebanon to the Hamas-partnered Palestinian government attempting to circumvent peace talks by unilaterally declaring statehood at the United Nations. ... more

Larry Kudlow - Tue May 17

And while she still wants to tax oil companies, she did have some interesting thoughts regarding pro-growth tax reform and spending and entitlement cuts. ... more

Joel Mowbray - Wed May 4

As "Arab streets" rise up and many of their governments are teetering or have fallen, the two rival Palestinian factions — the terrorist organization Hamas and the “moderate” Fatah party — are attempting a unity government that would ensure continued power for the society’s favored few. ... more

Joel Mowbray - Mon Apr 4

J-Street suffered a humiliating defeat last week on Capitol Hill – which means Israel scored an important victory. ... more

Joel Mowbray - Mon Apr 4

Considering how much direct and indirect support the U.S. provides to the Palestinians each year, Congress could take decisive action to at least ensure that U.S. taxpayers are not funding incitement against Israel. ... more

Thomas P. Kilgannon - Wed Mar 9

Barack Obama’s already poor relationship with the British is about to get worse. ... more

Paul Jacob - Sun Mar 6

Americans who pride their country for its No. 1 status might consider doing something before its number is up. ... more

Rich Galen - Fri Jan 21

The chatter around Your Nation's Capital among the cognoscenti, the intelligentsia, and smarty-pantses over the past 24 hours was: Is there any real meaning to the House vote to repeal Obamacare? ... more