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Ralph Benko - Sun Oct 9

The last thing the incumbents in Congress will do is to change the rules in a way that might level the playing field between themselves and challengers, leading to an almost 100% reelection rate even though Congress, as a body, suffers from a pathetic 11% approval rating. Therefore, Lessig is proposing to call an Article V convention to end run the Congress. So is Olafson in his effort to take away Congress’s credit cards. ... more

Nicole Kurokawa - Tue Oct 4

For centuries, Istanbul has been a hub of global commerce. Stroll around the Grand Bazaar, though, and it’s striking what the most popular products these days are. Not carpets, not Turkish delight… but rather, knockoff handbags, scarves, and clothing. From Hermes to Louis Vuitton, Chanel to Prada, the season’s hottest styles are available on most street corners for pennies on the dollar. ... more

Phyllis Schlafly - Tue Oct 4

These tiny electronic circuits used in computers can cause breakdowns or malfunctions. Bloomberg Business Week reported that a confidential Pentagon program issued an alert as long ago as 2005 that fake microchips were causing military equipment malfunctions. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Oct 2

Meghan McCain, whom I affectionately call “The Lucky Sperm,” because cracking that egg is the only “accomplishment” her name didn’t get her, was the subject of some satire this week by ... more