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Christine Rousselle - Fri Mar 21

#Corgibutt ... more

Christine Rousselle - Thu Mar 20

"Throwback Thursday," or #TBT, is a popular activity on Instagram or Twitter that involves users posting older pictures of themselves. Yesterday, President Obama's official Twitter account urged users to post pictures of themselves "in casts or with crutches" with the hashtag #GetCoveredNow. ... more

America - Fri Jan 4

‘A penny costs 2 cents to make—the sad part is, by government standards, that’s a bargain’ ... more

Bill Murchison - Tue Apr 10

As the current president of the United States tells it, his Republican adversaries are launched on a crusade to revive the dog-eat-dog economic philosophy known to our great grandparents as "social Darwinism." Horrors! ... more