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Inflation, deflation, and disinflation are all in the eyes of the beholder, and all depend on the definition. Still I expect another round of deflation possibly with prices but more importantly with credit, my preferred measure of "flation". ... more

Peter Schiff - Sun May 12

When the data says one thing and the symptoms continuously say another, it makes sense to question the reliability of the instruments.Although our government-supplied data suggests we are experiencing low inflation and modest economic growth, the economy shows symptoms of low growth, rising prices, and diminishing purchasing power. ... more

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Worried about inflation? Shut up, and learn to love quantitative easing. ... more

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I suspect most of you will reply an emphatic yes, but some of you will say no. Before I give you my take, please ponder a similar question: "Is inflation or deflation coming?" ... more

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If interest rates rise, as most of the world assumes will happen eventually, then a million dollars instantly becomes a lot less. ... more