Indoctrination on Townhall

Kyle Olson - Fri Jun 10

I was seeing red this morning when I read this first-person account of 3rd grade socialist indoctrination in Milwaukee Public Schools. ... more

Walter E. Williams - Wed Apr 20

The average American, as parent, student and taxpayer, has little idea of the academic rot at so many of our colleges. Save for a tiny handful of the nation's colleges, what distinguishes one college from another is the magnitude of that rot. ... more

Caroline Glick - Fri Apr 15

Ever since Turkey’s Islamist Justice and Development AKP party under Recip Tayip Erdogan won the November 2002 elections, Western officials have upheld the AKP, Erdogan and his colleagues as proof that political Islam is consonant with democratic values. ... more

Chuck Norris - Tue Mar 15

There are ways to improve national academic imbalances. Here are seven ways to counter that torrent of progressivism. ... more

Chuck Norris - Tue Mar 8

Why should liberals want to change the public educational system when it is turning out the product they have been striving for years to produce? ... more

Caroline Glick - Tue Mar 1

It was a stunning moment of moral clarity. As the South Vietnamese refugees clambered onto rickety boats in the South China Sea to escape the victorious Communists, the American Left that orchestrated the US defeat through a sustained campaign of propaganda and fake calls for peace stood silent. ... more

Joel Mowbray - Fri Feb 4

Usually when chaos erupts in the Middle East, attention turns immediately to Israel and the Palestinians. Not so this time. ... more

Mike Adams - Mon Nov 29

Last week, a black female graduate of our university called my office and left a message asking that I call her back regarding an “urgent matter. ... more

Brent Bozell - Fri Feb 12

Rosie O'Donnell knows that cute kids can sell anything. When she hosted her afternoon talk show back in the late 1990s, she put out two books of children's jokes titled "Kids Are Punny." ... more

Michael Farris - Wed Oct 21

If Americans want a glimpse of all of the good that can be done for children if our Senate decides to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), we need look no further than 90 miles off the coast of Florida. ... more