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Stewart Scott - Fri Sep 23

The lone-wolf threat is nothing new, but it has received a great deal of press coverage in recent months, and with that press coverage has come a certain degree of hype based on the threat’s mystique. However, when one looks closely at the history of solitary terrorists, it becomes apparent that there is a significant gap between lone-wolf theory and lone-wolf practice. An examination of this gap is very helpful in placing the lone-wolf threat in the proper context. ... more

Donald Lambro - Thu Sep 22

What if Barack Obama had begun his presidency by enacting a permanent tax cut that further lowered income tax rates, cut the capital gains rate in half and reduced business taxes across the board? ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Sep 18

Tone-deaf is one thing; incompetent is another. There’s a fine line between the two and they are often confused. If there was any doubt about which camp President Obama belongs to, it has been removed this month. ... more

John Ransom - Sun Sep 18

Liberal strategist James Carville has suggested that Obama find someone to indict. Never mind whether the person is actually guilty of a crime. So the Mighty One has fallen a bit, but hasn’t fallen enough yet to take his place with the rest of us mere mortals bound by laws. ... more

Donald Lambro - Fri Sep 16

Barack Obama's troubled presidency was hit hard again this week on several fronts that shook the White House and raised fears in his party of deeper losses in Congress next year. ... more

Peter Schiff - Sun Sep 4

But while President Obama prepares to unveil a new plan for the Federal Government to create jobs, evidence is rapidly piling up on how his Administration is actively destroying jobs with stunning efficiency. Recent examples of this trend are enough to make anyone with even a casual respect for America's former economic prowess hang their head in disgust. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Sat Aug 20

Today I am going to do something different, openly praise blatant incompetence. I will list my reasons later but first let me sing the praises of sheer incompetence. ... more

Michael Reagan - Sun Aug 7

He should quit blaming the rich for being successful and take a look in the mirror. Instead of quoting my father to justify himself and his shocking incompetence he should try to imitate my Dad and try to govern as well as my Dad did. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Fri Jul 15

President Obama unleashed his inner Alinskyite on Wednesday, storming out of a meeting with Congressional leaders and White House staff after threatening the GOP House Leader Eric Cantor with a parting "Eric, don't call my bluff." ... more

Tony Blankley - Wed Jul 13

Some people can spot a slight in every compliment, whereas others -- the happy ones -- find a compliment in every slight. So last week, as a free-market, low-taxes, constitutional conservative, I happily found an apparently unintended compliment from the liberal New Republic. ... more

John Ransom - Fri Jul 8

Whether is was GITMO, withdrawing from Iraq, Obamacare’s effectiveness in bringing down healthcare costs, the wars of choice in Libya (and Afghanistan), the debt ceiling he voted against before he was for, the stonewalling of the oil industry- Obama has a lot of broken promises to answer for. ... more

Kyle Olson - Sat Jun 25

This all, of course, runs contrary to common sense. School leaders want the best teachers, regardless of age, sex or race. Parents and students deserve no less. A seniority-based system is one of the greatest injustices in American public schools. ... more

Donald Lambro - Wed Jun 22

All the talk here is about the slowing economy, the threat of a continuing recession, the government's growing debts, and the looming insolvency of Social Security and Medicare. ... more

Caroline Glick - Tue Jun 21

Robert Gates's recent remarks signal that the president's handling of US foreign affairs is about to undergo a dramatic transformation. ... more

Salena Zito - Sun Jun 5

In a valley that curves along the Allegheny River is a tract of land built on opportunity, greed, and the bureaucratic nightmare of being one city in two nations. ... more

Salena Zito - Sun May 29

A little more than a week ago, Vice President Joe Biden traveled to fund-raisers in two battleground-state cities, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Neither stop included the White House press corps. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Fri May 20

The ECB comedy show continues. Jean-Claude Trichet went ballistic and walked out of a meeting over Jean-Claude Junker's use of the terms re-profiling and "soft restructuring". ... more

Caroline Glick - Tue May 17

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have some explaining to do. ... more

Ross Mackenzie - Thu Apr 28

With key institutions grown effete, standards of right and wrong descend into a moral miasma of relativistic goo. ... more

Michael Reagan - Wed Apr 27

Halfway through his term in office, President Barack Obama faces a crisis that could most probably doom his chances of being re-elected -- he's running out of gas. ... more

Armstrong Williams - Tue Apr 5

What is obvious is that our president is making all of this up as he goes along, and is clearly not listening to Secretary Gates. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Tue Mar 15

President Obama published an op-ed in my college town newspaper, Tucson’s Arizona Daily Star, over the weekend calling for more enforcement of current gun laws. ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Mar 9

As they prepare to make a serious case for his replacement in 2012, Barack Obama’s conservative critics need to decide: is the president radical – or more of the same? ... more