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Daniel J. Mitchell - Thu May 17

The latest example of this battle is taking place in Oklahoma, where the Governor has proposed to eliminate the state income tax and her main opponents are members of the corrupt GOP establishment. ... more

Paul Tracy - Fri May 11

Telling you what a stock has already done isn't going to make you a better investor... or make you money. That's why I want to tell you why it's been so successful. This way you can find similar investments of your own, buy them, and hopefully make triple-digit profits as well. ... more

AP News - Wed Apr 18

Paul Tracy - Fri Apr 13

Rather than settle for the paltry yields these other investments offer, investors have been increasingly looking to income stocks instead. But this presents pitfalls of its own. ... more

Paul Tracy - Tue Apr 10

Dozens of countries are growing their economies at faster rates than the United States. The CIA World Factbook ranks the United States near the bottom in world gross domestic product growth -- number 172 of 214 countries/territories. That's not all. ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Wed Apr 4

Each year in the United States, an estimated 6.1 billion hours are spent complying with the federal tax code. I'm pretty sure at least half of those hours are spent by me. ... more