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Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Gov. Jindal’s proposal gets a friendly reception from the state legislature. ... more

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Political Calculations - Sun Feb 10

Since income tax season in the United States has officially begun, we thought we'd mark the occasion by revisiting our original Form 1040 tool, where you can find out how much of the money you earned last year would have been taken from you by Uncle Sam back in 1913! ... more

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Our chart reveals what that distribution looked like for 2012, as indicated by the curves showing the major income percentiles. ... more

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Average hourly earnings has been falling for years and lagging CPI inflation since September 2009. Simply put real wages have been declining. ... more

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Clearly there is a "winner-take-all" concept in the markets, but it should be equally clear that winner-take-all is not primarily based on technical skills. ... more

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In the 1980s, 1990s and the aughts, growth investing was the name of the game, though more recently, dividend-paying stocks have shown renewed popularity. ... more

Political Calculations - Wed Sep 26

Since income is predominantly earned by individuals (note that your paycheck is made out to you, not your spouse, roommate, parents or children), the only way these patterns can exist is if high income earning individuals are increasingly combining together over time to form families and households, or as is more likely the case, low income earning individuals are becoming less and less successful in forming families and households. ... more

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz - Thu Sep 13

With future tax rates up in the air, it's pretty near impossible to accurately predict what any of us will be paying in income taxes in the future. ... more