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Tom Purcell - Wed Jan 8

Morgan Brittany - Mon Jan 6

Susan Brown - Wed Jan 9

Ninety-six. That’s the number of 60-watt incandescent light bulbs I purchased last weekend after learning the other kind, the compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) environmentalists are so in love with, are hazardous to my health and to the environment. I would have preferred a higher wattage but discovered the 75-watt version was outlawed January 1st. ... more

America - Fri Dec 2

Remy & Reason team up for a ballad of the dying bulb. Here is to the incandescent... ... more

Bruce Bialosky - Mon Oct 17

Rarely has the Supreme Court struck a blow for individual freedom as it did in its recent decision in Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants Association. ... more

Amy Oliver - Sun Sep 4

The green-at-any-cost crowd also advances regulations that are meant to micro-manage our lives, yet we have little time or space to cover them. Most are just topics of an occasional news story, blog post or anecdotal social media thread, but collectively these regulations are as insidious as the much larger “job killers.” They are a reflection of a government that is far too big, far too invasive. ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Mon Jul 18

In 5½ months, the sale of traditional 100-watt incandescent light bulbs will become illegal in the United States. ... more

Frank J. Fleming - Fri Apr 1

The same U.S. government that got man to the moon is now teamed with GM to get you to the corner store... for $41,000. ... more

Jacob Sullum - Wed Mar 16

During a Senate hearing last week, Rand Paul complained about the federal energy standards that will force conventional incandescent light bulbs off the market during the next few years. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Sun Jan 16

Why is Paris known as the City of Lights ? Is it because the U.S. Congress banned Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulbs, so he had to take his invention offshore? ... more

Phyllis Schlafly - Tue Dec 21

If we want to continue to enjoy the bright, warm light that Thomas Edison's incandescent bulb radiates, Congress will have to repeal Subtitle B of Title III of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Environmental "standards" will start eliminating 276 versions of incandescent light bulbs in 2012, and the drop-dead date for our favorite 100-watt light bulb is just one year away. ... more