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Matt Vespa - Fri Jul 24

Sad that tragedy was the catalyst for this debate ... more

Hank Adler - Fri Jul 24

Brooke Carlucci - Wed Jul 22

Sabine Durden, who attended the Senate Judiciary hearing that centered on family members of victims who lost their lives at the hands of illegal aliens on Tuesday felt unheard as Congress men literally fell asleep while she and many others testified about their family members who fell victim to the killings of illegal immigrants. ... more

Daniel Doherty - Tue Jul 21

"The alleged murdered is an undocumented immigrant whose been convicted of seven felonies in the US, and already deported five times." ... more

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"It is unacceptable that cities would issue ordinances that explicitly aim to frustrate federal immigration laws that are supposed to keep illegal immigrant felons off the streets." ... more