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Thomas Sowell - Tue Aug 6

Fritz Pfister - Sat Jul 27

I apologize for the cheering crowd at Knox College in Illinois. Seems the mass exodus from Illinois (Ala Detroit) left behind the economically challenged, and liberally indoctrinated; although a group of them did end up in the White House. ... more

Taylor Colwell - Mon Jul 22

The Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development has published a new regulation mandating that the agency research and publish advanced data on the racial and ethnic makeup of neighborhoods throughout the United States. ... more

Political Calculations - Mon Jul 22

For a given amount of income, how much should owning a house cost? That's really the issue that a housing affordability index needs to address. ... more

Fritz Pfister - Fri Jul 12

Fritz Pfister - Sat Jun 15

Fritz Pfister - Fri May 31

If Joe Six Pack isn’t applying for mortgages and major investors end their purchases, we may reliable be able to predict how the market will snap back down. ... more

Bill Tatro - Fri May 24

Since last November and the advent of Abenomics, the Nikkei has appreciated approximately 85%. Even if that rapid rise was based solely upon solid fundamentals, it shouldn’t be questioned that the parabolic move was definitely due for a pullback. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Thu May 9

It's easy to spot a Fed-sponsored housing bubble if you look in the right places. ... more

Political Calculations - Mon May 6

Since the inflation phase of the second U.S. housing bubble began in July 2012, the trailing twelve-month average of median new home sale prices has increased by an average of $2,532 per month through February 2013. By contrast, the trailing twelve-month average for median household income in the U.S. has increased by an average of $121.56 per month, as median home prices have been rising by an average of roughly $21 for every $1 increase in median household income. ... more

Mike Adams - Tue Apr 30

I used to be caring and compassionate and liberal. I supported gun control and the “right” of the government to seize a large chunk of my paycheck in order to plan my retirement for me. But, somewhere, somehow, along life's twisted way, I became a greedy capitalist pig. And, truth be known, it's affecting my entire neighborhood. ... more

Fritz Pfister - Mon Apr 29

One would think inventory would be tight because homes should be selling as fast as they come to market. Not this time, because it’s different. You have to have a job to qualify for a home loan regardless the interest rate. ... more

Roger Schlesinger - Wed Apr 17

Everyone in America, employee or employer, man or woman, young or old, highly educated or high school dropout can become wealthy. It can happen quickly, or can take decades. But as my favorite announcer, the late Paul Harvey, would say: And now the rest of the story. . . ... more

Political Calculations - Mon Apr 15

We can confirm that much of this increase was driven by the improvement of the housing sector of the U.S. economy, as 54.6% of the year-over-year net increase in the total dollar value of goods imported into the U.S. from China in 2012 is represented by such goods as household and kitchen appliances, furniture and especially other kinds of household items. ... more

Political Calculations - Sun Apr 14

If we can use history as a guide, a lot of money went into housing during the "fiscal cliff" crisis - much like how the first U.S. housing bubble was sparked by the exodus of money from the stock market that accompanied the deflation phase of the Dot Com Bubble. ... more

John Ransom - Fri Apr 12

The Department of Big Labor admits that the number of regular federal employees covered under all unemployment benefit programs is 3,277 fewer people this year than last. Perhaps this math helps explain why housing prices in the Washington, D.C. metro area are reaching all-time record highs. ... more