Holder Justice Department on Townhall

Sarah Jean Seman - Sat Feb 8

The Justice Department is extending full and equal recognition under the law to legally married same-sex couples. Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to make the policy announcement at the Human Rights Campaign’s Greater New York Gala Saturday night. ... more

Daniel Doherty - Thu Oct 24

Why has the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the state of Louisiana? ... more

Katie Pavlich - Fri Apr 27

ATF is counting stolen guns, guns sold to foreign governments by Federal Firearms Licensees under the approval of the State Department and guns ATF and DOJ purposely sent into Mexico through Operation Fast and Furious as “guns being traced back to the U.S.” ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu Feb 2

After thirteen months of investigation in the Obama Justice Department’s lethal Operation Fast and Furious and Attorney General Eric Holder’s sixth time answering questions from Congress on the topic, we are stuck with stonewalling, non-answers and more calls for gun control. ... more