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Kathryn Lopez - Sat Sep 28

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Kathryn Lopez - Wed Jan 2

In essence, if you are Catholic in this country you no longer can own a company, Frank O'Brien explains. ... more

Austin Hill - Sun Nov 25

How do companies make millions of dollars with a really bad idea? They advise state governments on how to comply with federal Obamacare mandates, and then help the states build new websites. ... more

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Warning: The following contains disturbing information of a sexual nature. ... more

Austin Hill - Sun Oct 14

If elected, Mitt Romney vows to “end” it. If re-elected, Barack Obama says he’s “open to amending” it. But regardless of who wins the presidency next month, conscientious voters need to know this: Obamacare is already costing taxpayers lots of money, and within the next few months it will cost millions of dollars more. ... more

Kathryn Lopez - Fri May 25

Confronted with a 'train wreck,' the new archbishop of Baltimore implores us to 'pray diligently as communities, as families and as individuals.' ... more

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What will come next? Will the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issue a <i>Pork </i>Mandate as part of ObamaCare? ... more

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A few months ago, I was golfing in Maryland, and I happened to get paired with a member of the Maryland General Assembly. ... more

Steven Aden - Wed Apr 25

Barack Obama enjoyed the robust support of Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby throughout his campaign for president. As president, he has demonstrated his gratitude for Big Abortion by the customary means of public largesse, mandating that all Americans pay for “free” abortion pills, sterilization, and contraceptives regardless of whether their consciences call it murder, and making lucrative “Plum Book” appointments for abortion industry leaders who can help him sell his campaign against human life. ... more

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Townhall.com Staff - Thu Mar 15

New York, NY - Thu Mar 15

A bill that would allow for religous exemption for employers providing contraception to employees passed the AZ House. ... more

Hadley Heath - Tue Mar 13

The heated public debate about the HHS mandate requiring employers to cover contraception has brought out the worst in “feminist” organizations. It’s time to blow the whistle: They’ve resorted to creating outright fiction in order to fundraise and fear-monger. Sadly, upon examination, many of their claims go beyond the usual political spin, to outright untruths that are actually destructive to women’s empowerment. ... more

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This just in: the Catholic Church is not a religious organization. ... more

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This Presidents’ Day, President Obama offered Americans a reminder of the threat modern executive power poses to individual liberty. ... more

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Regular readers of Townhall may have noticed a column penned last week by this writer questioning the easy expectations of many observers that most liberal Catholics will abandon President Obama over the birth control mandates. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Wed Feb 22

It's really not fair or accurate to say this administration has declared war on religion. Its policy isn't that clear. If it has one. And if it does, that policy keeps changing, depending on who's exerting what pressures at the time. ... more