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Christine Rousselle - Fri Nov 29

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A comprehensive 50-state study has found that insurance premiums will increase under the first year of Obamacare in 45 of 50 states. ... more

Jeff Crouere - Sat Oct 5

Michael Schaus - Mon Jun 17

Representative Larson finds it horrifically “unfair” that he and his staff will be forced into the same healthcare that is scheduled to be imposed on tens of millions of Americans. The Democrat, who was among the leadership in his party when healthcare reform was passed, said “this is simply not fair to these employees. They are federal employees.” ... more

Kevin Glass - Sat Jan 19

Chuck Norris - Tue Dec 11

The art of jiujitsu is to use an opponent's weight and strength to your advantage. I believe we can further choke the life out of Obamacare by using this martial art technique. Let me explain. ... more

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Now that Obama has been re-elected and Democrats still control the Senate, Republicans no longer have the chance to repeal Obamacare. ... more

Austin Hill - Sun Nov 25

How do companies make millions of dollars with a really bad idea? They advise state governments on how to comply with federal Obamacare mandates, and then help the states build new websites. ... more

Austin Hill - Sun Oct 14

If elected, Mitt Romney vows to “end” it. If re-elected, Barack Obama says he’s “open to amending” it. But regardless of who wins the presidency next month, conscientious voters need to know this: Obamacare is already costing taxpayers lots of money, and within the next few months it will cost millions of dollars more. ... more