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Matt Vespa - Mon Feb 1

The reason for the reversal is hardly a shocker... ... more

Matt Vespa - Thu Jun 25

backdoor to nationalization? ... more

Paul Greenberg - Fri Sep 27

Judge Andrew Napolitano - Thu Jul 5

Of the 17 lawyers who have served as chief justice of the United States, John Marshall -- the fourth chief justice -- has come to be known as the "Great Chief Justice." The folks who have given him that title are the progressives who have largely written the history we are taught in government schools. They revere him because he is the intellectual progenitor of federal power. ... more

Scott Rasmussen - Fri Jun 29

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision that President Obama's health care law is constitutional keeps it alive for now. But it's important to remember that the law has already lost in the court of public opinion. The Supreme Court ruling is a temporary reprieve more than anything else. In March, I wrote that the health care law was doomed even if it survived the court. Looking at the data today, it's hard to draw any other conclusion. ... more

New York, NY - Thu Jun 28

In 2009, Obama discussed health care with George Stephanopoulos. When asked about it being a tax, Obama said: "A responsibility to get health insurance is not a tax increase." ... more

Susan Brown - Wed Jun 27

Americans love their freedom, so no matter how the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) rules on the Democratic Party's Darling, viz a viz, Obamacare, one thing is for sure: Obamacare's days are numbered, should, come November, voters decide to send a president to office who wears big boy pants and is qualified to clean up the mess Democrats have made of healthcare reform. ... more