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Robert Knight - Thu Nov 19

Mike Adams - Mon Mar 9

Michael Brown - Sat Sep 20

Sarah Jean Seman - Mon Mar 17

Tolerance and free speech are apparently not welcome at Stanford University. The Graduate Student Council denied funding for a “Communicating Values” conference citing it as “hate speech,” Wednesday. ... more

Crystal Wright - Fri Apr 5

Agitated by the vitriol hurled at Carson, one of the world’s preeminent pediatric neurosurgeons, I thought it was timely to remind everyone Carson, though a new face to the movement, certainly isn’t the only black conservative to be assailed by the left. ... more

Benjamin Bull - Fri Jan 18

Any serious discussion of “hate speech” laws should start with a consideration of George Orwell’s prophetic look into the future—specifically the book Nineteen Eighty-Four. ... more

Humberto Fontova - Sat Aug 11

For expressing the opinion of the majority of voters in the 31 states where gay marriage was put to vote Chick-fil-A’s President Dan Cathy is accused of “hate speech” by D.C. Mayor Vernon Gray. Such is the mayor’s revulsion that he threatens to mimic Lester Maddox circa 1962 and stand at his city gates wielding an ax handle to bar restaurant Chik-fil-A’s entry into his municipal domain. ... more

Mike Adams - Fri Jun 8

I love being hated. And if you don’t think I’m hated then you haven’t read my most recent rating on www.ratemyprofessor.com. For those too lazy to click the link (that means liberals), I’ve reprinted the latest rating below. ... more