Harry Reid on Townhall

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Serious question: Does he want to lose? ... more

Daniel Doherty - Fri Jan 17

Sen. Harry Reid’s pronouncement that the Iraq War was “lost” in 2007 resurfaced recently when Robert Gates called the comment “disgraceful” on national television during a segment promoting his new memoir. ... more

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As if it wasn’t obvious before, we now have a liberal leaning think tank blaming Senate Democrats for all the trouble the government has been having lately. ... more

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As lawmakers get ready to settle back into their seats on Capitol Hill after the Christmas recess, the battle over the extension of unemployment benefits is back on the table. ... more

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Yes, of course it will. ... more

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Yesterday Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid exempted his staff from Obamacare. Today a mass email was sent to Senate staff informing them the Washington DC Health Link website has crashed. ... more

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Acting in his usual, completely inappropriate behavior, Harry Reid once again took on the Speaker of the House with his latest statements on immigration reform. ... more

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